Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today i stay home and did nothing the older i get i dont want to do nothing i mean i am only 26 and i dont do anything anymore i need to get on a deit fast i mean i need to loose weight.. I gave my car back no money for that so i dont work and no car so all i do is stay home and do everything for the man and that get old fast. I love him but i hate to do something and no thank or nothing for what i do..Hailey broke her arme and tommow she get a cast on it so that will be fun and my and my husband anuvile is coming up on the 2o this month so happy and nothing has change that is it for now

Monday, September 8, 2008

the weekend with my daddy

here is lazaro with my dad hores and i have alot more pictures but i can not put them all up i am sorry grandma maybe you can help me do that nothing much as changed but i am still here and everyone is doing good love everyone

Sunday, August 10, 2008

this is my mother and step dad he is a good man he never got to have his own kids.. so when my babys were borning he and my mother
help out alot they still do i love them
To day is the 10 and my son turn 9 today he is getting so big i went camping with the family this weekend and that was fun and wet but we went my dad was there saterday night so that was good everything has be good for now thank god i am working and spending money that all i do i got to stop doing that shit but o well if you work that is your money ha ha... i dont have much to say now but i love all of ya later

Thursday, July 31, 2008

hey how are ya i was getting ready for work to day is my friday 4 more days tile my b-day i got to go i love you all

Monday, July 21, 2008


to day is cleaning day i go back to work tommow..
my family was down from mass yesterday it was so nice to see them they didnot even know that it was me but maybe it is because 100 pound more make you look differeant. after we all eat i was going to go to my dads but it was to late and i know that hurt my daddys feeling but i am so sorry but i will see him soon i have not see my dad for awile i think it was when he came up 2 month ago it is because he work all the time and i work now so it is getting harder to see him and everyone i dont have much to say but kids go back to school so and my brithday is coming and johnathan is the 10 so we are going camping for him that is what he wants so i will take him i was going to go out of town for my b-day but no money like every one i know well i love all of you later

Friday, June 27, 2008

good friday


today is friday and i got off this morning at 700am can not sleep no air and it is hot.. all the kids are doing good i hope to take pictures to day i dont have alot of shit to talk about but working hard and paying bills that is it grandma how are you and everyone out there wbs love ya